Jupiter and Saturn Planetary Periods

Each planet is a teaching, a door to self-knowledge – it has its own being and consciousness. Once we have understood the meaning of all the planets we can comprehend the entire field of possibilities of human life. Jupiter and Saturn are the two largest and the slowest moving planets and are polar opposites in their nature. Both the energies represented by them must be assimilated within us. The 16 year long Jupiter Dhasha (planetary period) is always followed by 19 years of Saturn.

Jupiter can be said to give the inspiration behind an endeavor, while Saturn gives it its structure and form. Without Saturn’s influence nothing of lasting value could ever be actualized. Jupiter gives innovative, expansive ideas but not necessarily the ability to manifest them. The hard work of Saturn combined with Jupiter’s inspiration is necessary to create anything of value and for an idea to come into full manifestation.

Jupiter 16 years – After 18 years of Rahu we get the Dasha of the great benefic Jupiter. He is well known as the most helpful, generous of all the planets and in his period he will always give us some higher knowledge. In Sanskrit he is called Guru, the spiritual teacher, or the guide. He can make us religious; put us in touch with our Guru, and teach us the higher universal principles of healing and wholeness. He rules over law, philosophy, spirituality, good fortune, inspiration and religion. He is a spiritual and ethical planet, which insists upon the pursuit and support of the good. When well disposed in the horoscope luck follows us without effort. Jupiter is the natural optimist and hence, in Jupiter Dasha there is always a sense of hope and faith, even when things are seem hard. Every planetary energy has a negative side, therefore, even such a benefic planet when unchecked in the birth chart (i.e. no influence of Saturn or conjunct Venus) can cause suffering.  He can become overly optimistic and expansive and rely on hopes, wishes and dreams. He can also become too self-satisfied, too content and refuse to deal with life situations in a realistic way. In a religiously inclined chart he can also become too attached to ritual, righteousness and religious/dogmatic values and believes.

Saturn – 19 years. The expansive nature of Jupiter gives way to the practical persevering quality of Saturn dhasa. Saturn dhasa usually starts off with having to face some limitations, restrictions and delays. The inescapable truth that Saturn is teaching us is that as spiritual beings having a physical experience we have to adhere to the physical laws of the material universe, such as facing that our limited body and mind will perish one day. However great success is also possible in Saturn Dasha, as Saturn is a planet of practical efforts and perseverance leading us toward our goals. Saturn is the planet of pressure, both internal and external. People who have a well disposed Saturn can thrive in this period of being buried under a mountain of responsibility. He is the great karmic taskmaster who rules with an iron grip, as such, a Saturn dhasa is also a time when enormous spiritual growth and progress is possible, not necessarily through the hope, faith, and inspiration of Jupiter but through perseverance and self-effort. He teaches us to thrive in isolation rather than crave worldly distractions. He teaches us to get by with less and simplify our lives. And, he teaches us humility and sensitivity to others. When we master Saturn we master our material life. When we master Jupiter we master spiritual life. When we master both the planets we are finally Free.