Qualities of a True Yogi

As the term “Yogi and enters deeper into the English lexicon, I have come to accept that this word is often being used to describe someone who enjoys doing Asana Yoga a lot!! While, I welcome this exalted word into the English, I am concerned that if we embrace this revered ancient word with so little qualifications the true qualities of a Yogi, that are every soul’s higher aspirations, may also get lost in the process.

A Yogi is much more than someone who blisses out on the yoga mat. He is one who has the realization that the entire cosmos is situated within the self.

According to Yogic teachings each individual soul is on an evolutionary path to become a True Yogi. The horoscope shows us the trials and tribulations, victory and gains or “rest stops” of this incarnation. With each birth we move a few steps closer.

Each planet is a teaching, a door to finding our higher consciousness – it has its own being and awareness. When we learn to utilize the planetary energies as part of our deeper self, they lead us to yogic spiritual perception. Understanding the higher calling of each of the planets in our charts, especially during the planetary period (dasha) of that planet, will help you with the difficulties associated with that period and you might even acquire some of the qualities of a True Yogi along the way.

Sun: A True yogi knows that all suffering is a result of trading the authentic Self for the ego self.

A True Yogi is self-sacrificing and free from pride, vanity and personal ambition. He exemplifies intelligence, logic and rationality. Like a good father with his children, he is ever ready to do whatever it takes to protect those vulnerable and weak. All his actions are consistent and steadfast and an offering to the world.

Moon: A True Yogi knows that all suffering is a result of trading authentic feelings for involuntary emotional responses.

A True Yogi is inwardly content and contemplative and free from over sentimentality. He is adaptable, at ease, open, and surrenders to the present moment without feeling the need to act or change anything. A True yogi has nurturing, soothing qualities and like a good mother with her children sees the good in all people and all situations. All his actions are sweet and tolerant and bring healing and nourishment to those around him.

Mars: A True Yogi has the discipline and courage to face down the true enemy—his own ignorance.

A True Yogi fights the battles of life undisturbed by success or failure, victory or defeat. He is passionate, strong, courageous, adventurous and not afraid to undertake a daring path in life, without being combative or reckless. Like a true warrior, he has the capacity to put his principles into action and act with force to take decisive action when needed.

Venus: A True Yogi forfeits personal desires and outer needs for love and entertainment to seek inner bliss and delight.

A True Yogi understands the art of compromise and balance. He has an immense capacity to give and receive love. He seeks to create beauty and harmony in his life and with those around him. A True Yogi realizes that each individual soul is part of the same divine force that sustains him, and therefore like a good lover, serves each and everyone with the same devotion and compassion that he has for his beloved.

Jupiter: A True Yogi has a positive outlook on life, he carries himself with hope and faith and has the wisdom to actualize his authentic Life Purpose

A True Yogi has the realization of the oneness of the individual soul with the universal soul. He is illumined by the light of Divine Wisdom, therefore nothing remains unknown to him. Time and space cannot limit the knowledge and wisdom of a True Yogi. He has unlimited powers of manifestation, but he never draws on them to gain wealth, fame or for personal ambition. He is never dogmatic and nor does he push his beliefs on others.

Saturn: A True Yogi embraces hardships of life and does not shy away from his responsibilities and duties.

A True Yogi understands the transient nature of the physical world – he reflects on the misery, suffering, sorrow, and disease in life but preserves his equanimity. He conducts himself with humility, patience and disciplined hard work. He is servile without being a victim. He welcomes solitude and lives an uncomplicated austere life, willing to serve anyone in need.

Mercury: A True Yogi has a high level of intelligence and cognition to discern Truth from Falsehood, the Real from Unreal.

A True Yogi is curious and always willing to learn new things. He breaks down barriers between people and reveals a common humanity and common human needs. His sense of fairness and equality is based on objectivity and practicality. He has a good sense of humor and mental adaptability. A True Yogi’s speech and communication is always inspirational.

Rahu: A True Yogi’s intensity is directed towards his higher calling. A true Yogi is uncontrollable and insatiable on the path of higher knowledge.

Ketu: A True Yogi does not function in the range of ordinary consciousnesses. A True Yogi needs nothing from the material world.

If you find a teacher in this lifetime, who exemplifies some of these qualities you are indeed very blessed. If not, keep searching until you do….. In the meantime study the lives and teachings of True Yogis and masters, like Jesus, Ramana MaharishiAmma, the Buddha and many others.