Saturn Hates Me (Part 2), Remedies

“Happiness depends on how you accept, understand and surrender to a situation.”


One of my favorite authors, Anis Nin once wrote “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” 

The moon in our horoscope indicates where we are most at “home” and is thus our own unique filter through which we see things. Everything that we come into contact with passes through our moon/mind and is processed into feelings, which drive our actions.

So for example, if you experienced abandonment issues in childhood, “people I love always leave”, will color your every move and decision in adult relationships. If your parents failed to interact with you in a warm, nurturing way, and you grew up in an emotional vacuum, in your adult relationships you may experience others as disinterested or cold, and react by remaining aloof or desperately seek attention from people who let you down. Either way your emotional filter is that “there is nobody there for me”.

Unfortunately, our moon filter eventually becomes our reality. This is what allows the Astrologer to make predictions.

Saturn wants us to overcome the illusion that what we are perceiving is necessarily an independent, external reality. In some way he is always causing distress in some portion of your chart, as he circles the zodiac and tries to teach us to see beyond our emotional filter. During Sade Sati, as Saturn approaches our natal moon, it just feels more intense because the needs of the moon, also become more accentuated. More often than not, your mother/family literally turn up in your life and need your attention.

Modern psychotherapy recognizes that the pre-programmed expectations of our moon/mind is that which creates our outer reality. The new age movement has also seized on this and offers many techniques for manifesting or altering our reality by thinking and visualizing positive thoughts.

The Vedic Seers chose instead to focus on Saturn’s teachings of discipline, structure, detachment and surrender to alter our karmic reality.

They called this Karma Yoga.

Below is a list of ancient remedies, revised for modern times, to help you work through your Saturn dasha or sade sati. Remember Saturn is the true teacher, while the other planets will feed the illusion of letting you get your emotional needs met, Saturn will not, because he wants you to go beyond them and realize what you so desperately want and need is not “real” at all.

Saturn Survival Tips

1) Don’t just run with every strong emotional need/thought that arises, question it and ask yourself, is it really true what you are feeling?

2) Practice is more important than theory, be sure to walk your talk. In other words, put into practice what you ALREADY know to be True, no matter how hard, no matter what the sacrifice.

3) Simplify your life and remove all clutter. This includes people, emotions and things. Throw out old things you no longer need, make your living space super organized and tidy.

4) Connect with the elders in your family including your mother and father – even if they have wronged you in the past, help them out and serve their needs.

5) Do some physical detoxification as Saturn periods cause toxins to build up in the digestive tract. Keep your diet simple and free of processed food and sugar.
Eat regular meals and lead a regulated life. Don’t take your health for granted.

6) Work with the earth – grow flowers and herbs. Saturn loves to get your hands dirty without flinching.

7) Sign up to help your favorite charity.  Saturn is the lord of Karma and thus wants us to pay the karmic debts of past lives.  Unresolved karma from the past can be neutralized by service to others without expecting anything in return.

8) Structure your time …even leisure time. Value and Honor your time…spend it wisely and consciously. Saturn likes rules and boundaries. He does not reward slacking!!.

9) Charge the appropriate amount for your work and have a concrete plan to pay your bills in a timely manner ie. don’t think the “universe” will take care of it.

10) Stay open to all possibilities.

11) Don’t let someone else, or some emotional desire write the script of your life. Take charge of your destiny.

12) Have a sense of humor – YOU ARE REALLY GOING TO NEED THIS!!

13) Do not succumb to guilt, fear or shame – these are the negative qualities of Saturn and it is easy to drop into these emotions under Saturn’s stern eye.

14) Get regular dental check-ups. In other words, don’t put off things that need to be taken care of hoping that they will go away on their own.

15) Don’t borrow money, eliminate debt.

16) Wake up early and make “to do” lists and stick to them. Saturn rewards a disciplined mind/body.

17)  Don’t be afraid to face your limits, or the limits of your situations. Remember that limits create freedom. Saturn prefers you to stay realistic and realize that to attain somethings you are simply going to need more training, more sacrifice or more hard work.

18) Have a plan – don’t just wait to get lucky.

19) Give up your grudges, old hurts, and forgive those who have let you down.

20) Stay humble and use every grain of time to cultivate wisdom. Humility is Saturn’s greatest virtue, he is going to humble you anyway, you might as well just volunteer.

21) Take care of your obligations and responsibilities.

22) Become responsible for your self – ie self reliance.

23) On Saturdays (Saturn’s day) perform some austerity, like fasting (one meal only), or spending time in silence.

24) Be pragmatic and keep your earth plane issues together.

25) Put your emotional needs and wants on the back burner, you will find that what you desperately wanted and needed at the beginning of Saturn dasha or sade sati is not at all what you are seeking towards the end of it.

You might notice that the above are also the hallmarks of most successful people. So don’t wait until Saturn is knocking down your door to begin honoring his teachings.