A Prediction Ruins a Fairytale Existence; DNA, Google & Karma

Just as scientist today can map a person’s unique genetic code by looking under a microscope, ancient yogis of India also discovered a way to map our genetic code through complex mathematical algorithms based on the date, time and place of our birth. However,the Vedic horoscope reveals more than just our genetic health tendencies. It can show us our psyche, deepest desires and fears, memories and the very unique frame of reference that colors our world view of how we perceive our self and how we participate in the world. As a result it can predict the trajectories of the events of our life through the dashas. You could say the horoscope is our Karmic DNA.

Most scientists today agree that the intricacies of genetic mapping make it difficult to precisely predict disease but the data can give you greater insight and understanding for earlier diagnosis and better treatment. Similarly, astrologers should not judge their success by how well they can predict the precise events of the life of their clients but rather how they utilize their knowledge to aid the client in gaining insights into the inner basis of the outer problems in their life.

Like genetic mapping, Vedic Astrology is a formidable tool to help us understand our unique journey through life, and it needs to be practiced as a sacred healing art rather than solely as a predictive science.

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) 

I have been fascinated by the developments in genetic testing over the last few years and a few months ago I decided to finally get some tests done on myself. More specifically, I have been studying the defective genes called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) which are critical for our mental and physical health because they are part of the chemical process that allows for the absorption of folate (b9, folic acid) and B12.  Lately, there has been a lot of hype about this in the holistic medical industry, and you many of the readers of this article may have been diagnosed with this defect. However, it is important to remember that this is not some rare genetic mutation. Statistics show that more than 25-30 percent of the population has some form of genetic weakness of efficiently converting and absorbing the B vitamins from the food they consume. 

Health problems associated with these mutations range from thyroid disorders, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, mood disorders and depression, anemia, ADD, Autism and cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, these B vitamins are needed for the production of Glutathione, an anti-oxidant and detox agent produced by the liver. Therefore, there will be reduced ability to clear toxins out of the body. Of course not everyone who has this genetic defect  will have all these problems but those who suffer from these disorders usually will have this mutation. Be careful, if you have this genetic defect even supplementation will not be helpful unless it is in the converted and methylated forms. Fortunately, many supplement companies over the last 3-4 years have begun to make such products. (Please contact me if you would like to learn more about these supplements).

Enemy Houses Houses 6 8 and 12

I have theorized the correlation between the charts of people who are dominated by planets located in 6, 8 and 12 houses ( about 24-30 percent of the population) and corresponding signs, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, as potentials for this particular genetic defect. In Vedic Astrology these are called dushtanas or enemy houses - places of physical/emotional difficulties and obstacles (please read my last article Wisdom Through Adversity, about these houses for more details). Indeed, most healers and spiritual seekers will have charts dominated by these signs and houses because it is the physical and mental obstacles that lead us down the path of self discovery.  I myself have many planets in the sixth house and Virgo associated with health problems. I was not surprised that I tested homozygous positive for MTFHR c677t (ie. one bad gene from each parent) for this genetic defect. Predictive astrology would write me off as having serious health problems all my life. However, having the foreknowledge through Vedic Astrology and now through genetic mapping has allowed me to correct course and take the necessary precautions where possible and accept the karma where it is not possible. I remain in good health overall but don’t take it for granted even for a single day.

Google Founder Sergey Berin and 23andMe

So when I came across this recent article in Vanity Fair, which questioned the validity and usefulness of genetic testing without counseling and cautious interpretation, I wanted to share it with you. According to the article a genetic prediction may have ruined the “fairy tale” existence of Sergey Berin, the co-founder of Google and his wife , Anne Wojcicki, the owner and founder of the genotyping company 23andMe. The author states that, “some health-care professionals believe it is unwise to give individuals news of their genetic tests without the support of personal counseling”.

This successful and “perfect couple”, with two children under six, were often referred to as “twins” by their friends, as they both share so much in common - both are driven to creating web based tools to help make the world a better place, both went to elite universities, both love Yoga and the outdoors and are highly committed to their family.

 Sergey’s great aunt and mother suffer from Parkinson's and Sergey finally decided to do a genetic test which showed up positive for the Parkinson's mutation. His close friends described this news as a type of existential crises for him, because he interpreted it as having only 10 more good years to live.

According to the article he started blogging like crazy, became a relentless exerciser and even though he hates the taste of coffee he started drinking tons of it, as many believe it helps with the progression of Parkinson’s. He also gave 150 million dollars to Parkinson’s research. So far so good.

Space Travel, Robots and Divorce

Then came his boredom with Google and he gave up much control in the company and began dreaming of space travel and robots. The crises culminated in Sergey having an affair with a Google colleague, almost two decades younger, who was also a close family friend. Sadly, Sergey and his wife, the “perfect couple” separated about 10 months ago.

The author says, “While many see this as the inherent danger of too much information about one’s mortality. Many of his friends believed that if he had not had this test done he might never have had the emotional crises and strayed from his wife”.

On a philosophical level, you could say that Sergey’s reaction to the results of his test were also predestined and predictable, or that his life was not secure to start with. However, on a practical level, I can’t help but draw the parallels between this story and the Vedic astrology readings that I do every day. I am careful not to predict the future with certainty because the prediction can lock the client into fear. If the prediction is of a negative and restrictive nature, the psyche can accept defeat and give up hope making the event more inevitable or more extreme.

I feel that accessing a person's psyche is sacred work to be approached with awe, respect, care, compassion, and patience. Each life story is distinctive and it is essential to keep an open mind and heart. The astrologer must offer information without dogma, always staying alert to the client’s reaction and sensitive to his unique situation. Many can learn the techniques of chart interpretation, but few can really access this sacred healing science as a useful spiritual and healing counseling tool.

My personal experience is that the clients who benefit most from work with me are those who come on a regular basis and continue to learn and grow through deeper understanding of their charts, which gives them better awareness, better acceptance and understanding of the inner influences of the outer experiences of their life. This dissolves fear of karmic difficulties and struggles that exists in every chart.

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photo: DNA “Karma” Card from Dr. Steven Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle