Dear Mr. Trump, We Don't Deserve You

Dear Mr. Trump

The whole world is scratching their heads as to how someone with your credentials and personality could have made it this far in the race for the President of the United States. Of course everyone wants the Astrologers to predict if you will win or not, which I will address towards the end of the article after I have given you some general counsel on the karmas revealed in your of your Vedic horoscope.  

Ascendant/First house - Let's start with your Leo Ascendant (Magha Nakshatra), the King Makers of the Zodiac. They show magnetism, leadership abilities, self-confidence and desire for positions of high honor. However, with the Leo ascendant also comes much arrogance and pride and a tendency to overestimate yourself, which is your greatest hubris.  And yes, Leo's tend to be flamboyant about their appearance, and they are especially known to be fussy about their hair (like the mane of the lion). 

The Ascendant and planets in the first house tell us the story of how you will project your Leo personality in the world. It should come as no surprise that the impulsive, individualistic, bold, gladiator like Mars, is right on your ascendant degree. In western mythology Mars is often called the Roman god of war. Similarly in Hindu mythology he is identified with the war god Kartikeya.

Mars in the first house in Leo accentuates Leo's desire for the spot light, boosts arrogance and impatience, and gives a "winning at all cost", confrontational nature. On the positive side it makes you capable of charting a daring course in life, as well as giving you the ability to take decisive action. Your famous line."you are fired",  best describes your assertive (Leo) and inflexible (Mars) Ascendant, a dangerous combination in a leader.

Sun in the 10 House with Rahu -  Next we turn to the Acendant lord Sun, which shows the major field of activity in this life,. Your Sun is in the tenth house (power/status) in Taurus ( possessions, wealth), a very positive indication for both, especially as Jupiter (luck/merit) throws an almost full ninth house aspect to your Sun boosting your luck to gain high status and wealth.

The Sun by itself would have made you a good and wealthy leader but alas you also have an almost to the degree conjunction/eclipse of the North Node Rahu (obsession/fixation/excess) to your Sun. Rahu blows whatever it touches out of proportion, and eclipses the pure qualities of the Sun (ie. a self-sacrificing leader). However, Rahu increases the outward charisma making you very appealing to a certain segment of society in Rahu's rogue and strange sort of way. Rahu is rebellious and unusual, wherever he is placed we break with convention - in your case this is your leadership style (Sun/Rahu in 10th House). Rahu's ravenous appetite (he has only a head and no body so whatever you feed him falls right out) makes your Sun excessively ambitious and willing to do whatever it takes to make you the "top monkey". I don't use this term lightly or facetiously, because unless purified Rahu and Mars can bring out our most primal or base instincts for power and domination.

To be a good leader, it really helps to have a strong influence of Saturn, the planet of duty, social responsibility and caution to curtail the ambition of the Sun and the battle readiness of Mars. Unfortunately, Saturn is weak in your horoscope and not able to help. It is in the twelfth house of "loss" and as such the qualities of Saturn are not always accessible to you.

Moon/Venus- Feminine Energy - Your Mars and Sun, the two masculine energized planets have helped you chart the outer successes of your life. However, the balancing energy of feminine planets like Venus and Moon, give inner success, peace, tranquility, compromise and help create equilibrium in the personality. The fire element associated with Mars and Sun when harmonized with the Water element of Venus and Moon makes for great leaders who are courageous, bold and confident (fire) but can compromise when necessary  (water) and therefore are not at risk of becoming intoxicated with power.

Unfortunately, both Venus and Moon show very difficult karma in your chart especially, when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Both are inaccessible to your personality eclipsing your lunar/ feminine side (Moon with Ketu, Venus with Saturn) - and yes, Mr. Trump you find it hard to get along with women and you are misogynistic - you are not just acting that way for ratings.

Your Moon Mind- The moon represents our emotional nature, and as such our mind.  It is the most important planet in the horoscope as it is the main indicator of how we are "feeling" and perceiving every situation. That is why a well placed moon is said to bestow happiness, as we are able stay serene and peaceful under most circumstances. At the moment of your birth a full moon was totally darkened by an eclipse of Ketu (north node). In addition your moon is in the hazardous 28:05 degree of Scorpio, which is by far the most unpredictable and volatile degree in the Zodiac for any planet. With an eclipsed moon placed here it foretells a potentially unstable mind that borders on paranoia.  It also makes you intimidating, mysterious and somewhat psychic . Life events associated with this moon are also very volatile, erratic, explosive. 

Your moon shows that the nurturing, protecting influence of a mother (moon) in early childhood was deficient (Ketu).  As a result, buried deep within you are intense and dark fears of abandonment and betrayal (moon in fourth house in Scorpio) but you are unable to share them with anyone, because you are out of touch (Ketu) with them.  Other people's emotions are also lost on you. The upside of your natal moon is that it adds to your mystique and gives you courage and endurance and the ability to crush your foes.

Mercury/Jupiter -  Your mercury in Gemini is very well placed in its own house making you a quick learner, quick witted, restless, and a good communicator.  You are smarter than people are giving you credit for. but this Mercury also makes you shrewd and gives you skills to outwit others at whatever cost.Your mercury promises you much name, fame, cash flow and fulfillment of desires (11th house). Coupled with Jupiter, planet of abundance and luck in the 2nd house of resources this grants you further luck with money, indicating that you were born into a wealthy family. It is said that Jupiter in the 2nd house can produce wealth even if you are lazy or not particularly business savvy. Jupiter's expansive nature in the second house of acquisitions gives you a large appetite for possessions. This Jupiter is placed in the conservative sign of Virgo, which shows that there is a more earthy, analytical and methodical side to you, which has not be revealed to the public yet.

Dashas -The above planets describe your overall personality but not all planetary energies that we carry in our consciousness unfold equally at the same time. The changing dashas (plantery periods) show which planets are most active at any given time. They are the main tool for prediction in Vedic Astrology and are responsible for the abrupt and dramatic changes in our lives and personalities.

It comes as no surprise that you are currently in the eighteen year Rahu Maha Dasha cycle which started in November 1998. When this dasha starts the unfulfilled desires from past lives explode in our consciousness awakening a voracious appetite related to the area of Rahu's placement in the horoscope. The intense urgings of Rahu eclipse out the wise and mature side of our personality. Still, a well placed Rahu's unrelenting pursuit of a goal (power and status in your case) can bring great outer success, which has been the case for you, but it cannot give satiation or inner satisfaction.

The beginning of your Rahu dasha led you to run for President for the first time in 1999. Today you are just a few months away from the ending of the Rahu dasha cycle, which is considered the last stance of Rahu as he desperately tries to achieve his goal at all costs. On Oct 29, 2015 you started the Rahu (excess) Mars (conflict) dasha/bhukti. This shows why your name has been associated with inciting violence since last fall and it also shows the explosive and over the top (Rahu) success that you have achieved in the this period.

On Nov 16, 2016 Rahu Dasha will finish and you will start your seventeen year Jupiter planetary cycle. Maha dasha changes bring seismic shifts in our life and personality. Unlike Rahu, Jupiter is a tolerant planet and unlike Rahu in Taurus (pleasure seeking) your Jupiter is in the industrious unsexy sign of Virgo, where we actually have to get down and work on the details of life (ie. governing is not just rallies and speeches that we enjoy but hard, back breaking work). Jupiter is a just planet and his dashas always bring us face to face with knowledge of justice, fairness and higher thinking.

Sade Sati (Transit) - You are also in the most acute stage of your sade sati as Saturn transits the sign of your natal moon. The moon is responsible for our emotional stability and well being and Saturn for handling pressure. With neither of these planets in good shape in your chart, it means that you are emotionally and physically exhausted and way over extended. 

As Saturn inches closer to your natal moon at the end of Scorpio and crosses over it in the next few months to a year, you are entering the most volatile period of your life, and I believe either internal pressure or external pressure/situations will create some potentially catastrophic events in your life, or our country, if you were to win.

Sade Sati occurs once every 30 years as we get a chance to grow up (Saturn) from our childish emotional needs (moon) - your last Sade Sati - 1983—1990 also caused you to overextend/overestimate yourself and your empire crumbled by 1990, as did your first marriage. (You came back in your powerful 10 year Mars Dasha - "The Art of the Comeback" was published in 1999).

Will You Win Or Not?  

When looking at the horoscopes of world leaders their individual karma can be overridden by the collective karma of the masses they are representing. The French philosopher Joseph De Maistre, said that in a democracy, "a nation gets the leader it deserves".  While, you will be finishing your Rahu dasha in Oct 2016, the USA as a nation is starting Rahu Maha dasha, Rahu Bhukti (main and sub periods). Rahu is the planet of bombshells, the unexpected, unorthodox as well as a planet that likes to break the status quo. You are definitely the candidate that fits this description. 

In Vedic Astrology we say any level of discernment and equanimity that exists in the personality peaks in the Jupiter dasha. As such it is not too early for you to start accessing your upcoming Jupiter planetary period and toning down your divisive, violent rhetoric and showing some true leadership that Leo's are capable of, if they are able to set aside their grand ego. Law of karma is a great teacher - remember honors don't always go to the most honorable, nor is fame always commensurate with greatness or talent. A little humility goes a long way.