Trump And The Great American Eclipse

“Nations, like stars are entitled to eclipse. All is well provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become an endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul”. Victor Hugo

The Sun, our heavenly father and guide who lights our way both in our natal horoscope and in the natural world, will experience a total eclipse on Monday, August 21. Only the heartland of the continental United States will be immersed in total darkness, partial eclipse will be visible in the rest of the United States, Canada, as well as in portions of South America, Europe and Africa, making its astrological influence much more pervasive for the US.

Vedic View of Eclipses

Most ancient cultures have seen solar eclipses as bad omens as they upset the natural order of the world. Ancient Vedic mathematicians were well versed in predicting solar eclipses, as well as other astronomical phenomena, to help us harmonize our personal actions with the events in the natural world . Thousands of years old Vedic literature contains many references to eclipses and their influences.  Both Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana that depict fierce battles of good and evil, also refer to a solar eclipse during the peak of battle.

Eclipses play a very important role in Vedic Astrology, both in your natal chart and world events. In Vedic astrology eclipses not only block out the light of the luminaries, Sun and Moon, but also bring the influence of the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu who twist and obstruct the creative energies and clarity of the Sun (atman/soul/Higher Self) and Moon (mind/subjective experience/self). In your personal horoscope, an eclipsed Sun or Moon is better suited for introspection, letting go of old karmic baggage and spiritual pursuits than for worldly success.

As such, in the yogic tradition, no initiative of profound importance for worldly success, such as marriage, starting a new business or journey etc., is encouraged around the time of an eclipse. These require the fullness of the Sun and the Moon. Furthermore, the influence of Rahu and Ketu, represent a kind of “fake news” phenomena of the zodiac, as they distort reality and prevent us from seeing the Truth – Rahu throws up smoke and mirrors exaggerating, overstating and amplifying the situation and Ketu understating, downplaying, trivializing the situation. It should come as no surprise that this eclipse is occurring with the energy of Rahu (not Ketu) conjunct the Sun and the new Moon in Leo.

Donald Trump and the Eclipse

All eyes are on President Trump who is very heavily hit by this eclipse. Let us look at some simple astrological calculations as to why both western and Vedic Astrologers are seeing such a remarkable confluence between the eclipse and Donald Trump’s horoscope (Please note the calculations below are for Vedic/Sidereal Astrology which differs by about 24 degrees from Western/tropical astrology).

The solar eclipse is occurring in Leo, which is also Trump’s Ascendant. Ruled by the Sun, Leo symbolizes sovereignty, rulership, regality and celebrities.  The undesirable side of Leo is pride, stubbornness, self-aggrandizing and power grab. At the level of a nation, Leo symbolizes the government, leadership, dictatorship, political power and the regime.

Trump has a Leo Ascendant at around 6 degrees with Mars very close to the ascendant at roughly 3 degrees and the eclipse will occur around 4 degrees. This is extremely significant, as the closer to the degree astronomical events occur the deeper their impact both on Trump the United States and as a result the world.

The Sun changed signs from Cancer to Leo on August 17. Leo’s ruler is the Sun. Whenever a solar eclipse occurs in the sign that it rules, it increases the potential for political conflict, turmoil, threats and revolts against the government and its leaders.

Sun, Moon and Rahu are in the Nakshatra (star constellations used in Vedic Astrology) of Magha in Leo. The symbol for Magha is the royal throne. In other words, the eclipse will hit the rising sign of the person currently on the throne in the US. To make matters more ominous Trump also happens to be born during an eclipse and also has his ascendant in the Magha Nakshatra, which intensifies the influence.

There will be four planets that will be heavily influenced by Rahu during this eclipse - Sun, Moon, Mercury in the early part of Leo, plus Mars at 28 degrees of Cancer. The combination of so many planets under Rahu’s distortions makes for a very volatile mix of energies.

 Yet another intense astrological influence is that of Saturn. In August Saturn is retrograde (moving backwards/very strong) in Scorpio almost to the degree of Trump’s very afflicted Moon (mind/emotions/subjective experience) with Ketu (contracting, isolating) in Scorpio (Secrets/intrigues/scandals). With this once in 30 year transit of Saturn right over Trump’s natal Moon, this is the very peak stage of his seven and half year cycle called Sade Sati in Vedic Astrology. It is creating havoc in his family life (his moon is in fourth house), and with the masses (moon),  that he represents and his mental and physical health. The influence of "hidden enemies" is profound (Saturn in the twelfth house in Trump’s horoscope and Moon the twelfth lord) threatening the throne (Leo/Sun/Ascendant/self).

Mars is a very important planet in Donald Trump’s chart as it is right on his Ascendant, which makes him always “battle ready”. The warrior planet Mars is currently 28 degrees of Cancer smoldering and anxious to get out of this emotional water sign where he is considered debilitated. He is further frustrated due to his proximity to the Sun (called combustion), which is preventing him from lashing out. He will be ready for combat as soon as he moves into Leo on August 26.  With Trump’s natal Mars in Leo at the same degree as the eclipse much pent up rage could be unleashed both by the leadership and the collective masses following the eclipse.

Most importantly, the eclipse is taking place in the ninth house of the horoscope of the United states. Ninth house signifies our higher ideals, morality, beliefs and principles for which we stand. The events of Charlottesville last week have already begun to reflect the eclipses’ influence as these events have challenged the very fabric of our  nation and the principles on which it was founded.

What it means for you?

Don’t panic, the effects of the eclipse are not immediate as many people imagine
- they are felt over a period of time both before and after the eclipse at the global and personal level.

Globally we are all being swept up by this eclipse as the leader and leadership of the of the US comes under its heavy influence.

On a personal level, if you are a Leo Ascendant or have planets in the early degrees of Leo you will feel the effects of this eclipse to a much stronger degree based on their house, sign rulership and indication.

Regardless, we all have a Sun and the solar eclipse is an auspicious time to strengthen the internal powers of our Sun and our connection to the divine father and unity consciousness. Eclipses are seen as ominous in Astrology because they reveal our hidden darkness, anguish and fear, both personally and in  world affairs. Creating a sacred time and space during this period allows us to manifest our inner higher aspiration and uproot these deep seated issues.  

Eclipses can become a profoundly transforming experience once the light returns.