Kavanaugh Nomination - Mars-Ketu Unleashed

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more”. ~ Jung

The ancient Yogic Seers’ worshiped the divinity inherent in the cycles of time. They discovered that each moment of time contains its own unique destiny. A Vedic horoscope based on your birth date, place and time is looking into the destiny of that unique and divine moment that your spirit took birth on earth.

With the wall to wall coverage of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, like most astrologers, I too am looking to verify his birth data. Unfortunately, we have the birth date and place, but no time is available, as of yet.

When Vedic Astrologers don’t have a good birth time to work with they will rely on what is referred to as a Prashana horoscope. Prashana in Sanskrit literally means a question or an inquiry. This type of “stand in” horoscope is created based on the time and moment of an action related to the subject of the inquiry. A simple example would be, using the time when an email request or phone message was received for the consultation. This method could be seen similar to other methods of divine inquiry, like the Tarot or I- Ching.

In Kavanaugh’s case we have the exact timing of his brief acceptance speech for the nomination of his candidacy for the supreme court, which was July 9, 2018 at 9:18 pm in Washington DC. So, we can use that moment in time to give us some insight into how his nomination might progress.

Remember that Prashana horoscope is different from a birth horoscope, as it does not give an indication of the personality or intentions of Kavanaugh. It is simply an inquiry into the future of his nomination.

In fact, in India an Astrologers main job is to find an auspicious time, known as Mahurta to begin any major endeavor such as a a major journey, marriage, business and medical intervention. In 1947, when India gained back her independence from British rule, her birth time was selected by Vedic Astrologers to give her the best possible future, given the circumstances.

The three most important indications in the chart that will be consulted for Kavanaugh’s Prashana chart include:

The Ascendant, which shows how his personal state will be affected.
The Tenth House of status in society, which shows the destiny of his nomination.
And the Moon, which shows his emotional state, as well as the feelings around the situation.

A horoscope made for the moment that he accepted the nomination, shows how precise and valuable Prashana horoscope calculations can be. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Ascendant and Ascendant Lord:

The Ascendant is Capricorn, which is the most ambitious sign in the Zodiac that gives competence, hard work and the ability to work through compromise and bureaucratic hurdles. Ruled by Saturn, underneath Capricorn’s outer confidence and drive lies a deep fear of failure.

Additionally, the two most volatile and eruptive planetary influences, Mars and Ketu, are in a rare planetary combination, just 2 degrees apart from each other (ie. Mars is eclipsed by Ketu). They are also just five degrees from Ascendant degree (the closer the conjunction the stronger the influence planets have on each other and the Ascendant).

Mars and Ketu, the two most contentious planets in the horoscope, so close to the ascendant degree indicates that the process of his nomination will be dangerous and volatile. Mars is the competitive warrior planet who hates losing at anything, whether it is a sport, argument or ambition. He represents both courage and hot-headedness, anger and passion as well as the hunger that drives us to victory or war. He also indicates our enemies and battles that we have to fight.

Ketu is very similar to Mars in that he can be an extremely negating influence, sowing division, encouraging lack of co-operation, as well as resenting social conventions that try to reign in his headless impulses.

When Mars and Ketu combine this can increase the volatility of these two combating planetary influences leading to litigation, violence, domination, enmity as well as a reckless self-confidence. On the positive side, especially since Mars is exalted in this case, it can also give intensity of goal-oriented action, concentration and a refusal to take no for an answer.

Matt Damon’s SNL sketch parody of Kavanaugh seen around the world is a perfect comedic interpretation of the Mars Ketu combination.

The Mars-Ketu conjunction on the Ascendant also shows that the conflict in his nomination could be over some ancient (ketu) reckless, ruthless behavior and the need to dominate and win (Mars).

Next we look at the Ascendant Lord Saturn, who is placed in the Twelfth House of loss, surrender and forfeiture. This can be a very difficult position for the Ascendant lord, especially for the prestige seeking Capricorn, who is pursuing validation and recognition for his talents in the outer world. This position deeply weakens and internalizes the energy of the Ascendant Lord and can indicate a loss of will power, as well as fall from power and loss of reputation.

The Moon

The Moon as the seventh lord is exalted in Taurus in the fifth house, which is a very positive indication for Kavanaugh, showing that he has many, almost mother like (moon)  partners (seventh house), including his wife, supporting, believing in him and backing him. However, the aspect by the fiery Mars-Ketu conjunction on to the Moon risks that his partners/supporters and he himself could lose their cool and descend into volatility and anger (Mars Ketu) emotions (moon). 

Tenth House

Finally, we look to the Tenth House of career, where the prashana chart shows the most benefic planet Jupiter. As the 12-lord for Capricorn Jupiter indicates additional possible losses to his career and reputation. However, Jupiter , the divine guru and guide is strongly placed in the tenth house, potentially offsetting most of the negative influences, giving him protection from the fall indicated with his Ascendant.

All horoscopes give indications and not necessarily “yes”, “no” answers. The indications here are that despite acute turmoil and chaos of Mars and Ketu, the grace of Jupiter and an exalted Moon he can still win the nomination. However, with the Ascendant lord in the twelfth house, his reputation and career will be scarred by the process regardless of winning or losing.

We are all aware of the visible cycles of nature, like dawn and dusk that give way to the dark night. And the promise of a new life in spring that cycles into the death of winter. But we need Vedic Astrology to illuminate similar cycles of the mysterious and hidden planetary forces that wield profound influences on our life.