Play with the Colors of Life - Spring Equinox & the festival of Holi

Happy Spring/Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2019 .

Did you know the word Equinox means “Equal Night” in Latin?

Sun and Moon fall into perfect harmony today. All over the world, this glorious balance of 12 hours of night and 12 hours of day, brings forth the beginning of spring and the celebration of the annual rebirth and regeneration in nature.

Hatha Yoga also strives for this harmony of the Sun and Moon in our consciousness. Ha (Sun) tha (moon) brings the solar and lunar energies into Yoga (union). The solar energy of the Sun which is warming (pitta) and action-oriented flows through the pingala nadi on the right side of the body, expressed through the right nostril.

The lunar energy which is cooling (kapha) and non-action oriented, receptive and open to “what is”, flows through the ida nadi, left side and left nostril. Yoga encourages the balance of these two polarities to bring about samatva, or evenness in temperament and harmony in our body/mind consciousness.

Ayurveda also strives to balance the solar Pitta (fire element) with the lunar Kapha (water element) through the right movement of Vata (air element). Ayurveda considers the spring equinox period as one of the best times of the year to begin your detox protocols. Like mother earth, our bodies also go through major bio-chemical changes during this seasonal change. As warm weather melts the snow, our bodies begin to relax, the blocked bodily channels loosen up and become more receptive to allowing the toxins to be easily removed.

Like its sister sciences Yoga and Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology is also based on nature’s cycles of the Sun and Moon and other planets in our solar system. Each moment of time contains the unique energy and unique destiny based on what the Sun, Moon and planets are expressing in nature.

So for example, in any given year, there will be twelve full moons and twelve new moons, each will produce its unique destiny. Whether you are born on a new moon or a full moon matters, because your consciousness is stamped by that condition of nature.

Most of the Hindu festivals are also celebrating these movements of the heavenly bodies and their influence on our lives. The 12 new or dark moon nights of the year are called Shiv Ratri (nights of Shiva), which fall on the 13th/14th day of every lunar month. Shiva means void or “that which is not” and pertains to nature’s darker side, when light is internalized. The most significant of the new moon nights is the celebration of Maha Shiv Ratri ( greatest night of Shiva), which falls in the months of Feb/March, and is a somber event of introspection, fasting, meditation, and all-night vigils.

Contrast that to the full moon day of the spring equinox, which brings the Indian festival of colors, called Holi. It is celebrated with dancing music, feasting and most importantly the wild, childlike play of smearing each other with colored powder and drenching each other with balloons and water guns filled with colored water. Cars, rickshaws and people regardless of stature or age are all targets on this day. As they say in India when you are hit by a colored water or colored powder bomb, 'Bura Na Mano Holi Hai' (Don't get upset, after all it's the Holi festival).

Sun lights the day moon lights the night, one cools the other heats, one is active the other passive. The Sun acts to change what we cannot accept, and the moon accepts what we cannot change. Both become guiding lights in our spiritual evolution when they live in harmony, side by side in our consciousness. Both can become hinderances in our spiritual evolution when either is used in excess over the other.

So seize this moment and allow yourself to play with the colors of creativity and welcome the spring. But also practice “Equal Night” in your consciousness, to extend the springtime.

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