Ketu - What You are Running from, Not?


Ketu is the keeper of our past life karmas, and therefore the skills and experiences acquired from previous births. Rahu is the new kid on the block “playing with fire”, forging ahead without experience, hungry for new experiences and new skills and talents.

Everything in astrology is a double-edged sword, so while Ketu has access to past life talents and the genius that results from it, he also carries in his consciousness all the terror and failures of our past lives. This makes him hyper nervous, anxious, critical and averse to going down the same road again. The end result is often and underlying dread of being “spent” in the areas of life he influences in the horoscope.

The most difficult paradox to understand with Ketu is that his unconscious ambivalence and reluctance can also swing and have a complete reverse effect on us – unwilling and headless he demands the fulfillment of the area of life he influences. Not intentionally or actively, but because it’s what he knows and is familiar with.

Our head (Rahu) is the doorway to this world, when our head falls off in Ketu dasha planetary periods, the lines blur between this world and the other, as do the blocks (Rahu) that keep past life memories and experiences (Ketu) from spilling over and merging into the current life. Ketu planetary periods are most inexplicable, indescribable and uncommunicable because, we no longer know where the present life begins and the past life ends. As the boundaries between the physical and spiritual world disappear there is much confusion and anxiety but also a potential opening of portals to higher consciousness.  

Ketu’s job is to teach us that any search we take outwardly, even the most altruistic, is usually limited and the inner search is the only source of light. Ketu planetary periods have a divine plan for us, which is to totally reverse engineer our psyche, so that all our endless outer searching (especially in the area he influences) concludes.

If you allow Ketu to do his job, without becoming negative, or cutting yourself completely off from social norms and conventions, you will have a less difficult time in Ketu dasha planetary periods. If you can remind Ketu that the perfection he seeks is not possible in the real world, and only in the recesses of our inner consciousness, you can flourish in Ketu dasha.

In India, when something doesn’t make any sense at all, there is an expression…”na sir, na per”, which literally means “this thing has no head and no feet”. The combinations of Rahu dasha ,Ketu bhukti (sub planetary period) or Ketu dasha ,Rahu bhukti  feel just like that, and become one of the most tumultuous planetary periods of our life, as we find ourselves navigating the world with no head \or a body. But this is also a once in a life time opportunity to neutralize both our overblown aversions (Ketu) and attractions (Rahu).

Like all planetary influences our inner consciousness also expresses outwardly through events and circumstances we attract in our life. Ketu attracts the most untoward, bizarre, unusual and “out of this world “experiences, people and teachings into our life during his planetary periods. It is for this reason the ancient scriptures describe Ketu as a wanderer, loner, minimalist and Sadhu, who is totally woke to the game of life, knowing it so well that he does not want to play.

People in unusual professions or working to access subtle universal energies like psychics, astrologers, energy healers etc. all have a strong Ketu in the horoscope. Even in everyday life we meet people who might be living out all their outer realities like everyone else , but seem to have an odd detachment and disinclination to fully engage.

Don’t forget that Ketu is the karaka or producer of Vedic Astrology, as it is “not of this world” – it was the headless insight of the great Vedic seers that brought us the incredible astrological algorithms, which allow us to see our past and predict the future. Yet it can only be practiced and perfected, if we play along with the game of life.

The inner search does not run from anything (Ketu), nor does it run towards anything (Rahu). It is simply about being here in the moment.

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