Sixth House, Chronic Disease, Genetic debts and MTFHR Mutations


“I hear people say all the time, "I know I was born for something special," because we've become a people who disdain being ordinary. You know, their primary prayer is, "God, make me anything, but don't make me ordinary." They have no idea how they're mapping a life of true suffering for themselves by searching to be extraordinary, “other than ordinary.” ~ Carolyn Myss

Self-help books, courses and workshops on how to become extraordinary are everywhere. Let’s pause for a minute and consider the value of being ordinary.

Dasha planetary periods of the the Sixth House and the corresponding Zodiac sign of Virgo are the prime indicators of ordinary life, embracing routines and familiar norms, acknowledging the rhythms of nature, accepting the balance of rest and sleep, night and day, Sun and Moon.

It is in the Sixth house and Virgo that we also read the karma of chronic disease and infirmity, but when well disposed also the ability to overcome disease, which requires embracing the ordinary.

The pursuit of the extraordinary often leads us to ignore the mundane and unsexy Sixth House and Virgo, which requires us to be of service to our body and life by adhering to good habits and routines, such as taking time out for exercise, going to bed on time, waking early, sourcing freshly grown and freshly cooked food and most importantly maintaining our microbiome through regular and healthy bowel movements.

The Sixth House is also known as the house of debts because when afflicted we do not have the the practical application of skills and techniques to navigate our prosperity and manage our resources. Lost in activities that give us the exhilaration of feeling extraordinary, we forget to pay attention to smaller details that help sustain an extraordinary life.

Another kind of debt we accumulate in the Sixth House, which is pushing our body and mind’s limits, without paying back in adequate rest and recreation, which results in chronic diseases. People with many planets in Virgo or the Sixth House simply have more debt to pay off in this life time and need to focus on being ordinary.

The Video above talks about genetic debt that we inherit, which leads to chronic illness, also seen in the Sixth House and Virgo. It explains one such common genetic predisposition as the MTFHR genetic mutations, which prevent absorption of Folate (folic acid) and predispose us to chronic disease.

Without a good Sixth House, we cannot fulfill our destiny, regardless of what extraordinariness the horoscope is promising. The Sixth House leads us to be of service to life and pursue the path of karma yoga, or yoga in our actions. It also forces us to be of service to the body, often because of a chronic health issue, or predisposes us towards a medical healing profession, which serves other’s healing journey. A dominant Sixth House in the horoscope can make you a patient , as well as a healer. It is seen in the horoscopes of those who suffer from chronic illness, as well medical practitioners, Yoga teachers and people in the healing arts.

Ayurveda, the medical branch of Yoga, is a Sixth House healing system, as it approaches the human body through the lens of balancing and eliminating the Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which indicate the accumulated debts resulting from the day to day functioning of the body.

The Video expert on the MTFHR mutation and the Sixth House is from my Online Integrative Astrology Course, which is now available to take online and work on you own pace. Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning for yourself "step by step", how I evaluate a horoscope.