Eleventh House - Fulfillment and Completion of Desire


“As often as we have come to earth we have developed new imperfections and new desires. So, we come back here again and again until we fulfill all desires; or until through increase of wisdom, we banish those desires. We must satisfy our desires, or by cultivating wisdom, do away with them altogether” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

In the Eastern spiritual teachings we are taught to circumvent our desires through detachment and surrender and in the New Age circles, magically manifest them.

Truth always lies somewhere in between.

Vedic Astrologers look to the Eleventh House in the horoscope to interpret your highest desires and karma to bring them into reality?

Desire is the seed energy of all manifestation on earth, and not exclusive to human beings. The desire to reach higher than others in your tribe, higher than the other trees in the forest, is at the heart of all of God’s creation.

The seed of desire comes to full maturation in the Eleventh House and the Eleventh House ruler as well as planets influencing the Eleventh House reveal our highest ambitions and aspirations, as well as the capacity to achieve them.