I am available to teach the following classes and workshops to groups via webinar, or in person.
Here is a sample excerpt from one of my webinars.

Webinar Excerpt: Integrative Vedic Astrology Counseling, Level 1 "Embody the Truth, not your Myth"


Overview of the Classes:

Although Asana is often emphasized in the west as the solution to our physical, mental and spiritual problems, that is not the how the vast philosophical system of Yoga sees it. Asana must be accompanied by deeper knowledge of yogic philosophy and more importantly knowledge of our unique physical, mental and spiritual constitution, as well as Karma, Dharma, culture and situation.

I meet seasoned students of yoga who are amazed how much their practice and life improves when they are offered the foundational principles of yogic mind-body-soul medicine system. This is because most of the non-Asana based Yoga teachings today are either so heavily based on the classical Vedic texts that 21st Century yogis cannot relate to them, nor incorporate them into their lifestyle. Or they are so watered down that they do not hold up the essence and tradition of Yogic teachings.

My courses aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, east and west and bring classical Yoga philosophy to life, so they can be practiced in our daily lives. My speciality is translating the authentic teachings of the ancient seers, mystics and holy men of India in a practical, relevant step by step process so they can improve our relationships, family life, career, diet, response to stress and spritual practice. Furthermore, I make the teachings relevant to the cultural, social, environmental and physiological problems that all of us are facing in the 21 century. My classes and courses also attempt to integrate modern science by citing scientific research to back up the yogic principles whenever possible.

The time-tested Vedic teachings interpreted in my courses are the foundation of all Yogic sciences, including Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantra and Vedic Astrology. Knowledge of the fundamental principles of these great ancient teachings is essential to unleash the full potential of our Yoga practice and to awaken the Yogic mindset in our heart and mind.

Modules Offered:

A guide to all the Vedic branches of knowledge.

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Health & Healing you can put into practice.


The Mind exerts the deepest influence on all aspect of our health.


Find a posture of surrender, ease and spiritual purpose in your relationship.


Each chakra has its corresponding element that we have to master to to fully awaken it.


Practical & relevant ways to incorporate Yogic philosophy into our daily life.


Life purpose based on your unique mental, physical (and Karmic) constitution


Myths, allegory and symbolism of the prominent Hindu Gods & deities.


The sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet create the entire universe.


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