Two hour Saturday afternoon classes (3:30 -5:30 CST) every other week, starting April 20, 2019. Recordings of the class will be made available, if you miss a class, or want to listen to the lesson again. About 12-14 hours of classes, depending on the group and the pace with which everyone is keeping up with the material. Homework and exercises for those who want to deepen their understanding of the material.


Lesson 1: Structure of the Universe and the Mind

  • Shiva/Shakti, the Sun and Moon, as the eternal and perishable aspects of creation, and the existence of these symbiotic divergent principles in our mind.

  • Samskaras, deeply imbedded paradigms of belief driving our life’s story.

  • The cycle of birth and rebirth and the law of karma as the engine that guides the mind.

  • The principle of Dharma that can help modify karma at the body, mind and soul level.  

  • The Hindu scripture Ramayana, Ram and Sita, as the epic story of the ultimate, Sun and Moon, Hero and Heroine.

Lesson 2:  The Five Elements and our Physical, Psychological/Spiritual Inclinations

  • The five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and how they distribute in our mind, body and soul and relate to the planets and the Zodiac.

  • The Four Yogic Goals of Yogic Life - Dharma (Meaning), Artha (Certainty), Kama (Pleasure) and Moksha (Love) as the drivers of our destiny and how they unfold in individual horoscopes.

  • How Vedic Astrology intersects with Ayurveda, Yoga and Mantra.

Lesson 3: The Five Planets: The Mind as Composed of a Team of Rivals

  • Mercury, Mars, Venus Jupiter and Saturn as the forces that exist in nature as well as the impulses in our mind that make up our personality and, as a result, our destiny.

  • Weaving ancient and modern mythological characters, the planets reveal the hero’s super powers and his kryptonite, and translate to characters like the dragons, villains, friends and mentors the hero will encounter on his journey.

  • The body’s physiological processes, including neurotransmitters, gut biome, fight and flight response, and our brain’s established neural networks explain the functioning of the planetary forces in our lives.

 Lesson 4: Rahu and Ketu: Divine Confusion

  • Rahu and Ketu, as forces that disrupt the natural order of life, to create chaos and change that propels the hero’s evolution. Functioning as the "shadow", or the repressed and hidden part of the psyche, their primary goal is to destroy the status quo, forcing the hero to accept something totally unfamiliar and foreign to his nature and understanding.

Lesson 5: Departure, Initiation and Return: The Twelve Houses and Zodiac Signs

  • The Zodiac as the circular framework of the hero’s journey. The twelve houses as the archetypical path of the hero’s journey.

  • The stunning consistency and familiar stories of myths and stories in all cultures over thousands of years describing the successive steps of the Hero’s Journey from the “call to adventure” in the First House/Aries and the “return of the hero transformed and transcended” in the Twelfth House/Pisces.

Lesson 6: Vimshottari Dasha/Bhukti - Planetary Periods and Timeline of Your life’s Story

  • There is no schedule or timetable for the way our story should unfold. Each individual horoscope contains a general outline and the blueprints of the archetypal focus for this life, as well as the distinct rhythm and timing of sequence of events, which can be revealed by learning some basic techniques of horoscope interpretation.

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