Finding a posture of surrender, ease and spiritual
purpose in your relationship


Are you ready to rethink your ideas about love?

As natural and necessary as it is for humans to relate and find a soul mate, few of the fundamental rules of relating to a partner seem to be inborn. Adding to this the freedom and perils of modern day online dating, with its illusion of infinite partnership potentials, couples today have little knowledge, guidance, or role models for finding the right mate, as well as how to sustain lasting relationships.

Yoga teaches us that just like Asana practice, relationships are part of our process of spiritual evolution through which we transform the Ahmkara (ego or "I am" ) into the higher Aham ("I am That"). Like Asana, Yoga of Relationships requires a great deal of strength, flexibility, endurance, knowledge dedicated practice and above all experienced teachers and mentors. What the ancient Yogic sciences have to say about successful relationships is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago because while our values and beliefs about relationship may have changed human nature has not.

YogaYukta Life uses all the Vedic healing arts in an integrative way, to help us achieve and sustain lifelong partnerships that we all crave. Following the prescriptions of Ayurveda and Ayurveda Psychology, we build healthy hormones and neurotransmitter essential for relationship harmony.

Vedantic teachings help us make the necessary compromises and sacrifices required in a relationship. Vedic Astrology can guide us on how to navigate our Samskaras, or pre-conceived notions about relationships, that may be blocking us successful relationships.

The complex astrological compatibility algorithms of Vedic Astrology, which have been used in India for hundreds of years to arrange marriages, are helpful even today revealing where the energies are flowing and harmonically and where they are not.

Mars and Venus are the two most important parameters for judging relationship Karma.

Here are some of the things you can address with a Vedic Astrology compatibility reading:

Is the timing good for relationship? (ie. Dasha)

What pre-conceived notions of relationships are standing in your way?

Is there mutual respect for each other?

Are the temperaments conducive for a long-term relationship?

Is the relationship causing doshic/health imbalance of vata, pitta, kapha?

Can you be constructive and creative with each other in building a life together?

Do you have a unified life purpose?

Can you be good friends?

Are you instinctually and sexually compatible?

Do both of you have the ability to make the necessary compromises?

Can you work together as equals, or will one dominate the other?

Have the societal, cultural and social context in which the relationship is being established been assessed and adjusted for?