Houses One Through Twelve


In the Vedic chart, the sky is divided into twelve 30-degree divisions. Each division has a house number from one to twelve and a corresponding zodiac sign. In 24 hours, twelve different houses/signs will rise, making your chart different from others born on the same day as you. Further divisional charts are also used to make very specific predictions, which require the birth time to be accurate to within a couple of minutes, as even twins will have different destinies. Each house in your chart is used to read a certain aspect of your life.

The First house reflects our personal dharma, our basic self-expression and our general orientation in life.

The Second house is the house of our early childhood, family well-being, speech, love of knowledge, and our financial potential from daily earnings.

The Third house indicates how much determination we have to accomplish our desires, younger siblings, brothers, and artistic skills.

The Fourth house shows our home life, capacity to attain happiness and peace of mind, as well as our relationship to our mother.

The Fifth house is the house of creativity, intelligence, children, scriptural study, and past life karma. It also shows our general personality and the state of our mind.

The Sixth house is the house of service, debts, obstacles, enemies, health and short-term illnesses, as well as our body's ability to overcome disease and adversities.

The Seventh house is the house of love, passion, partnership, marriage and business.

The Eighth house is sometimes seen as the most difficult house in the chart as it is the house of transformation for good or ill. It is the house of the deep mysteries of life, as well as chronic disease, death, injury, and longevity. Profound research, invention, and esotoric subjects like Vedic astrology, psychology, psychic phenomenon and the occult also relate to this house. Inheritance and legacies are also read from the eighth house.

The Ninth house is the house of luck and fortune, guru, religion, spirituality, divine grace, and higher studies/knowledge. Our father's life is also indicated here.

The Tenth house measures our mark upon the world, career, achievement, and worldly power.

The Eleventh house indicates the fulfillment of our desires, as well as cash flow, friends, older siblings and anything that brings increase in our life.

The Twelfth house is the house of "material disinterest," liberation and enlightenment, as well as expenses, losses, decrease, wastage, and end of life.