The First house: “I AM”

This house is the foundation of the horoscope and our filter to the world, which determines all our actions. It is called the Ascendant, Rising sign or First house and the strength and weaknesses in this house will color all the other houses in the chart. While our moon house/sign represents what “we need”, the Sun house/sign what ”we want” our first house is how we go about getting it. The ruling planet and the element of the first house will be a strong part of our personality and identity. This house is related to our birth circumstances, the image we project to others, the first impression we make, how we start things, our defense mechanisms as well as our physical appearance and health.

The Second house: “I Have”

Once we are born and become conscious of ourselves, we become aware that the physical body must now be maintained. This house is concerned with physical security and comfort, personal possessions and finances and valuables as well as values that give us a sense of security and freedom to pursue our existence on earth. This house is very much connected to our physical survival and keeping ourselves fed and satisfied. While this is not a house of abstract ideas or concepts, on a deeper subconscious level this house reflects things that we value both physically and metaphorically, as well as where our own sense of self-worth comes from.

The Third house: “I know”

Here we begin to learn and communicate the concepts and workings of the world. Any skills we need to communicate in the world such as languages, mathematics, science etc. and our ability to learn them, relate to the condition of our third house. Therefore, our early educational environment, as well as our powers of analysis, studying and concentration are seen here. It shows how we communicate and operate mentally. Learning new things requires effort and willingness, so this is also the house of our prowess, courage and expertise..

The Fourth house: “I Feel”

The fourth house shows the home environment we grew up in and our emotional foundation. It shows how we relate to our family and domestic life. Our emotional IQ, feelings and “inner home” is also seen here. It indicates the nature of our roots, family, home life, instinctive behavior, and the primary caregiver. It indicates the type of emotional security and nurturing we received from our family. The stresses of our ancestors and parents in early childhood are what we take into our heart as children; they live within us our inner child with cravings and needs that we seek to fulfill as adults. As such, this house is also our “inner sanctuary” and “inner home” and our capacity to be happy. On a material level this house also shows the type of house we live in and value of our home.

The Fifth house: “I am a co-creator”

This is the house of our unique self-expression, creativity, inspiration and what energizes and makes us feel alive. This is where we spontaneously express our ideas and dreams and engage in activities that feel like “play” because it is what we are here to do. As the house of creativity, it also shows how we relate to our children, since they are a reflection of the child inside each of us. As this house shows our confidence (or lack there off) of our creative expression it also reflects our discriminatory and discernment abilities.

The Sixth house : “I organize”

This is the realm of the un-sexy day to day work we have to do, the daily chore of taking care of our environment and body to keep us healthy and living, including exercise, bowel movements, bathing, and maintaining routine and an orderly environment so we can stay healthy. Here we organize and perfect ourselves with techniques, methods and skills. As such, this house is concerned with self-improvement, routine tasks, health and nutrition.

The Seventh house: “I compromise”

This is the area where we relate to the outside world through our one on one partnerships. It allows us to see ourselves from other people’s point of view. It relates to companionship, one-to-one relationships, marriage or "significant other", business partnerships, competitors and our "shadow self (ie. the hidden part of ourselves we are unconsciously searching for in our partner).

The Eighth house: “Things I can’t control”

This is an intense house and represents the realm of all that is taboo and hidden; including death, rebirth, sexuality, addictions, sudden events, psychology, astrology etc. This house is responsible for sudden and unexpected events that “shock us” and transforms how we see the world. This is a very private and hidden house which shows that there is a lot more to our lives than what we see on the surface. Planets here battle our internal negativities, while seeking unconditional love and support from the world (especially our partners). This is also the house of other people’s values, money and agendas that we cannot control and find hard to embrace. As such inheritance, divorce, alimony and access to other people’s money is also read here.

The Ninth house: “I Believe”

Here we search for universal meaning to our lives and our higher purpose. We engage in study and knowledge in search for some idea, philosophy, and religion to believe in by expanding our limited personal vision to a universal one. The pursuit may be religious, business or academic, but it will have a intensely positive and idealistic outlook with a sense of adventure and luck. Exploration of ideas and distant lands, higher education, long-distance travel, morals, ethics (or lack thereof) foreign religions and cultural values are all read here. Desire to teach and preach to others what we have learnt is also associated with this house.

The Tenth house: “I Achieve” 

This is a very public house where we need and relate to our public face, career and the ability to get out and be recognized by the world for our talents. It relates to career and profession, position in society, social standing, reputation, material success, how we carve out achievement, authority figures, and our attitude towards taking on responsibilities.

The Eleventh house: “I Belong”

Here we can complete the fulfillment of our wishes, hopes aspirations and personal goals, so we can dedicate our talents to the greater good of our community.  As such it shows our achievements, accolades, titles and, our contribution to the community, social causes and society to which we dedicate ourselves. It shows our desire to bring ground breaking, innovative new ideas to "save" our community and sacrificing our personal goals to the greater whole.

The Twelfth house: “I Am Not”

This is the last of the houses and end of our long journey. The strength of the first house is fading as we let go of our personal ego, identity, wealth and goals realize that we are all “one”. This house requires some kind of sacrifice and withdrawal from the world, contemplation and thriving in isolation. Surrendering our personal desires and exchanging those for the growth of the soul are brought forth here.  Our hidden strengths and weaknesses, dreams, fantasies and places of spiritual contemplation are read here. Acute poverty and immense wealth and power – both of which don’t allow us to engage with life like average people relate, to this sector o the sky. Many planets in Pisces and the twelfth house indicate the ending of one cycle and beginning of another in the next life.