I have no words to describe how grateful I am for my guru Amma’s continued presence and guidance in my life over the last twenty five years, as well as of for all the incredible teachers, teachings and people who have pointed the way on my extraordinary journey.

Like most seasoned spiritual travelers, I have come to realize that what follows the initial excitement and enthusiasm of our spiritual experiences is a precious but arduous hero’s journey, with few real signposts and companions.

Our gurus, teachers and teachings only open the doors; but they cannot tell us exactly what to do or take the journey for us. Nor can they wipe away all our suffering. There are so many temptations along the way, and it is so easy to lose ourselves and abandon our journey, or to look for easy answers and swift salvation.
I have learned that understanding the karmas revealed by the Vedic horoscope is critical for attaining self knowledge, and freedom from our unconscious traps that keep us stuck in the same repetitive cycles and cause our suffering.

I am an avid student of life and my academic interest go well beyond just Vedic studies. Therefore, I am able to offer a healing approach that is well rounded, accessible, practical and constructive to 21st Century physical, mental, spiritual and relationship problems.

I have developed a unique Yogic counseling system, which keeps the authenticity of the Vedic Astrology tradition but also draws from current models of knowledge in psychoanalysis and therapy. I have studied the likes of Freud, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, as well as continue to follow the current breakthroughs in Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Epigentics, which enhance our understanding of the Vedic horoscope.

In my Ayurveda practice, I also incorporate functional medicine and the latest breakthroughs in appreciating the physical and mental health problems that are unique to our current environment.

I customize my approach to each and every client and do not use any formula en-masse, whether ancient or modern. Maintaining the body/mind/consciousness ecosystem is just as delicate a balancing act as restoring the earth's ecosystem and there are no simple formulas that work for everyone, as each person's physical/mental and karmic ecosystem is unique.

The term holistic in Yoga means much more than treating our body as a whole or living off the grid, conserving energy and eating organic food - it means living life on nature's terms. It means not resisting natural laws. It means restoring our inner ecosystem by following the cosmic laws of Dharma and Karma.  Our planet's future depends on us creating a sustainable inner and outer ecology.

Peace and well-being can be attained by all who seek it with real desire and sincerity of purpose.

Om Shanti,
Renu Namjoshi