Are we slaves to our karma, or are we free?
We are not slaves to our karma, but neither are we completely free.

Vedic Astrology is too hard, there is too much to learn.  I don't have the time.
I am committed to making this knowledge accessible and user-friendly to everyone who wants to dive in.

It’s too scary, I don’t really want to delve too deeply into knowing what the future holds.  
I am not in favor of using the predictive powers of Vedic Astrology to spread fear and anxiety. Once you learn to see yourself and others, as we truly are at the level of our inner consciousness, not simply the outer personality, there is no more fear. 

What about just manifesting your own destiny?
Any spiritual or healing methodology that is easy and offers magical cures with a “one size fits all” approach, risks getting you further trapped in the ego, which is the primary cause of our predicament in the first place.

I already have a spiritual teacher and path that I follow.
Vedic Astrology is called the "Eyes of the Vedas", because it serves as a guide and mentor to all the spiritual branches of knowledge.

I am already a meditator, spiritual seeker and Yogi. 
Yoga and spiritual practices guide us towards surrender to the divine, Vedic Astrology gives you the road map for the potential timing and alignment of your spiritual goals with all the others goals of life (money, relationship, family, health etc.).

I am already a healer/holistic health practitioner/ Ayurveda practitioner.
Vedic Astrology can reveal the karmic or constitutional issues, long term health trends, as well as the timing of disease potentials. It can also offer a deeper glimpse into the mind/body/consciousness connection and allow you to tailor and target more individualized remedies.

I am already a life coach, career counselor. 
Vedic Astrology can show our hidden potentials, hidden talents as well as our hidden fears. It can also reveal your higher purpose in this incarnation, as well as the timing of when it will unfold.

I just need help with relationships/ I am a relationship counselor.
Vedic Astrology will teach you how to look at your relationships through the lens of Karma. It will teach you how to work with your own as well as your loved ones  karmic limitations and strengths, which have you locked in conflict.

I want to take on the challenging task of incrementally making lasting and positive changes in my life and I am willing to work for it. But I am still not sure.
Send me a message with your questions and I will do my best to answer.