There is no healing discipline and study that can help us navigate life and aid us with our everyday life and our spiritual evolution as completely and specifically as Vedic Astrology. This part science, part art form and part divination method of  Yogic Astrology is called Jyotish, or the “Eyes of the Veda” as it was cognized by the ancient seers of India to help us illuminate our path in life.

Just as there is a genetic code of the body, there is also a karmic code, encompassing the body, mind and heart. The Vedic horoscope reveals this very unique karmic code, or frame of reference that colors our view of how we perceive our self and how we participate in the world, influencing our destiny at every level of life. 

The yogic seers of ancient India were very well aware of this roadblock in the human psyche. They refer to these subconscious mental and emotional patterns as samskaras. While science considers the store house of the subconscious mind to be a result of our early experiences (usually before the age of six) in Yoga philosophy it is the result of accumulated experiences from the present and past lives, and our ancestral memories, that have taken deep root in our psyche. Samskaras can result in both negative and positive predispositions – both exist simultaneously in an individual.
The Vedic horoscope reveals our samskaras, which are so strongly entrenched within us that as a result certain perceptions, desires, motivations, actions, feelings, personalities, life patterns and events become fated to occur. The resulting action of the samskaras is called Karma.

The mathematical algorithms of Vedic Astrology and their precision can be a formidable tool for prediction of events in our life, However, this great knowledge was not cognized by the great Yogis and seers as a fortune telling tool, but rather to help us on our spiritual evolution by directly observing our karma.

All the Vedic sciences, especially when used in an integrative way, provide the best tools for karmic improvement and karmic transcendence.