Integrative Vedic Astrology Counseling is based on the classical Yogic teachings of the Eternal Natural Laws or Sanathana Dharma, that make our existence and the universe possible. My services include one on one counseling sessions, classes and workshops, including day to day management of our body through practical living guidance, food and natural cures of Ayurveda to the metaphysical mathematical algorithms of Vedic Astrology that reveal our karmic destiny. I offer guidance on Yogic healing prescriptions for every aspect of life including family, relationships, parenting, career, prosperity community and spirituality.

Through the lens of Ayurveda, I approach the human body as an extension of the universal body made up of the five elements, which manifest as hormones, neurotransmitter and chemicals in our physiology. The burn of fire, the softness of water, the hardness of earth, the movements of air, the infinite space of ether are all contained in our bodies and its actions in varying degrees. In the process of governing the body these elements go into excess mode as doshas - Vata (air and ether) pitta (fire and water), kapha (water and earth). Ayurveda teaches us how to balance the doshas , to bring our biochemistry and physiology into equilibrium.

Ayurveda Psychology helps us to understand that every activity we partake in and every impression and emotion we consume effects the balance of the natural forces in our body/mind. As such, turbulent or calm thoughts, anger, joy, compassion, will, desire, suppressed memories or past life experiences are all varying expressions of the five elements in our mind. Ayurveda Psychology teaches us how to attain the delicate balancing act of nature's forces like wild fires from raging in our minds (high fire/pitta), high winds from making us lose focus and concentration ( high Air/vata) or emotional floods (high water/kapha) from taking over our ability to navigate life. 

The Sun and Moon and the solar system, the stars, planets and the galaxies also reside within us and exert their influences on our lives. The Sun as our universal soul and the moon reflecting our individualized consciousness on earth work hand in hand to unfold our evolution. Just like the planetary cycles of the cosmos, or the seasons of the earth, we  have planetary cycles in our lives, revealed in the Vedic horoscope (dashas) : dormancy (Saturn - air), growth (Jupiter - water), entropy (Rahu - air), conflict (Mars - fire), harmony (Venus - water), duality (Mercury- earth), dissolution (ketu - fire).  Vedic Astrology teaches us to see these cycles as karmic seasons, which are part of our natural law journey.

Mystical Vedantic teachings and meditations offer methods of Yogic spiritual inquiry, to help us to detach from over identification with the body/mind and transform our Ahmkara (ego or "I am" ) into the higher universal Aham ("I am That).

Maintaining the body/mind/consciousness ecosystem is as challenging an act as restoring the earth's ecosystem . There are no simple prescriptions that work for everyone, as each person's physical/mental/spiritual and karmic, dharmic ecosystem is unique. As such, Integrative Vedic Astrology Counseling does not offer simple formulas but rather encourages immersion in the vast Yogic knowledge system.