While, some of the signs of the Zodiac have similar meaning to those in Western Astrology, they are not used in the same way. In Vedic Astrology nobody is one sign type. There are hundreds of factors that have to be taken into account to determine the person's dominant sign.

Also, Vedic astrology uses three main ascendants; the Sun sign (ie. which sign the Sun is placed) to determine the person's connection to their soul nature, the Moon sign for the how their mind/emotions are functioning and most importantly the sign that was rising in the eastern horizon (Rising Sign) at the time of birth to determine the nature of this incarnation. Since the rising sign will change every two hours, in twenty-four hours there will be twelve different rising signs.


Aries is the sign of independence, forcefulness and self-expression. It gives dynamism, aggression, competitiveness, and a logical nature. Aries types must learn to use their strength to discover the truth - not just to promote themselves.

Taurus is the sign of stability and endurance. Taurus types value stable and happy homes, and married lives. They must learn to be more flexible and not become too attached to form.

Gemini gives a quick and adaptable nature. It makes for people who are very knowledgeable and great communicators. Gemini types can exhaust themselves with excessive activity and thinking, finding it hard to bring things to fruition. Gemini people must learn to not get too attached to outer knowledge and to seek inner knowledge instead.

Cancer gives a lunar, sympathetic, nurturing nature. Cancer types value human relationships above all things. They are homebodies and love to take care of others. They may need to learn to gain initiative and confidence.

Leo gives a strong-will and a sense of knowing who you are. Leo types want to be recognized and can be proud, bold, ambitious, vain, and noble at heart. If Leo types can control their pride, they can become great souls.

Virgo gives a strong intellect and command of language. Virgo types usually suffer from nervous sensitivity, as well as a delicate digestive system. They make good teachers, doctors and healers. They are usually the weakest of all the signs physically and need to pay special attention to their health. They also need to learn to not be too fussy and detail-oriented.

Libra creates reformers, revolutionaries, prophets, and fanatics with a strong sense of harmony, justice, and balance. Libra types are often devoted to their ideals and can go too far in their zeal and propaganda, losing themselves in their goals and projects. They risk seeking harmony at all cost, even if it means causing disharmony to get it.

Scorpio gives an innate desire to explore the depths of the mind. Scorpio types are profound and mysterious, intense and secretive and often take a special interest in the occult sciences. Their kundalini is easily aroused, so they must be careful when starting spiritual practices. They can also get stuck on an emotional level. However, they can develop profound insights into the mysteries of life that others rarely do.

Sagittarius gives a moral, religious and philosophical nature. Sagittarius types usually have a strong sense of principle, law, and justice. Even when successful in the material world, they often retain some sense of higher purpose. They must be careful not to get too attached to the outer trappings of religion, spirituality, and ritual.

Capricorn is the sign of practical realization and can give the capacity to manifest gains in worldly endeavors. It makes for hardworking, ambitious people who need to learn some self-surrender and to take themselves less seriously.

Aquarius types are usually the most self-negating of all the signs. They have a strong humanitarian orientation and will sacrifice themselves for a cause. They often like to do what they are told not to do.

Pisces gives an emotional, expansive, intuitive, imaginative, friendly, sentimental nature. Pisces types like ceremony, ritual, and often lack practicality and self-confidence. They need to learn to control their emotions and imagination.