Yoga means Yukta, or that which is integrative, united and connected.

Welcome to Integrated Vedic Astrology Counseling (IVAC)

Classical Yoga contains vast knowledge of human psychology and puts a great deal of emphasis on physical, mental and spiritual counseling. While Vedic Sciences such as Yoga, Asana, Ayurveda, Vedanta and Mantra offer the remedies, Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), is the primary diagnostic tool of Yoga psychology and Yogic counseling. 

IVAC, unites the Vedic Sciences and also integrates western models of knowledge that support Vedic psychology and Vedic philosophy. Universal knowledge is crystallized in the myths and stories of all cultures, IVAC also incorporates modern and ancient myths and story telling.

IVAC can be used to gain more insight and discernment in any area of life that is of concern. It can also be integrated into most other systems of coaching, counseling and therapy. The primary difference between this and other counseling systems is that IVAC uses your unique genetic karmic code, as revealed in the Vedic horoscope, to diagnose and specifically target and facilitate your healing journey.

Is this the Best Healing Path for You?

I believe that the way we use the profound knowledge of Vedic Astrology is the way we live our life and that foretells more about our future than any prediction that I can make. If we approach it as a guide and mentor to understand our deeply seated Samskaras, or the structure of our psyche, it can truly illuminate our life path and serve us the way it was intended by the ancient Vedic seers and sages. But if we use it as mere “fortune telling” or forecasting the timing of life events, then it may not produce productive results, even if the predictions are highly accurate. As such, if you have a lot of fear about what the future holds, or if you are looking for "yes”, “no" answers this path may not be the best for you.

Are your mentors prominent, wise, flawed or divine? What about your inner guides, mentors and higher self? What is the code of honor that guides you? What are your deepest beliefs? These are the indications of Jupiter in the horoscope, which shows the condition of our inner and outer guides and mentors who inspire and expand our mind, which results in good fortune and luck.
The United States started its Rahu dasha in Sept 2015. Rahu wants to change the status quo and take apart existing laws and institutions. He is what Jung described as the "shadow" or repressed side of the psyche. In June 2018 the dasha changed from Rahu-Rahu to Rahu-Jupiter -- what does this mean for the coming future?

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