Each planet has its own being and consciousness and unique teaching. All the planets function as doorways to our spiritual evolution, while some planets are more helpful and ease our path in life, others make it more challenging. However, all the planets contain energies that are one-sided, and require borrowing energies from other planets to create a state of harmony in our life and consciousness.

Vedic astrology is not simply about predicting the future, but the art of interacting with the higher cosmic forces that are influencing life on earth. To bring these cosmic forces into our life we must make commit to a deep relationship with each planet and its teaching, so we do not take too much, or too little from them. If we don't understand the energy of a planet whose influence we are under, it will lead us to sorrow and conflict. Vedic Astrology teaches us how to balance the planetary energies within us and take them in as part of our deeper self, which leads to greater harmony in our outer life, as well as higher spiritual awareness.

Sun - the cosmic intelligence or cosmic masculine force. It indicates our point of focus, central purpose, Atma/Soul Self, character,  and determines our spiritual life. The quality of the Sun in our chart indicates our intelligence, life force, strength of will, endurance, and level of self-confidence. On the lower level, the sun represents the ego; on the higher level, our seeking of the Light and Truth. Our father's life can also be read through the sun in our chart.

Moon - the cosmic feminine force, shakti, creative force, and divine mother. As the Sun is the Self, the moon represents our conditioned consciousness and the quality of our mind in the chart. It also indicates our capacity to be at peace, to nurture, relate to others and where we are "at home." The moon is the most sensitive planet in the chart and difficult influences on it can show depression, personality disorders or childhood trauma. The life of our mother can also be read through the Moon.

Mars - while the sun and moon represent our masculine and feminine energies generally, Mars and Venus do so specifically. Mars indicates our energy, passions, self-projection and outgoing emotions, strength, and ability to carry out and accomplish a task. On the negative side, Mars can cause aggression, conflict, and domination.

Venus - is the divine daughter and relates to our capacity to love and achieve harmony in life, as well as artistic inspiration. On the lower side, Venus relates to sensory pleasures and on the higher side, our seeking of divine love

Jupiter - is the divine teacher or guru. It represents the energy of expansion, creativity, and is considered the most benefic planet in the chart. It relates to dharma, wisdom, optimism, luck, and grace. However, a Jupiter, which functions too outwardly can make us overly materialistic, and caught in conventional values and beliefs.

Saturn - is considered the legendary king of the malefic, representing the energy of contraction, death, disease, poverty, separation, discipline, asceticism, solitude, limitation, obstruction, and destruction. Its lessons are the most difficult, but the most rewarding. Still, a well-placed Saturn is necessary for spiritual life. When Jupiter, the energy of expansion, and Saturn, the energy of contraction, balance each other in the chart, we can attain maximum destiny.

Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the moon and have the status of planets in Vedic Astrology. They indicate the area of our life that is generally plagued by the most dissatisfaction. Rahu represents the forces and desires for material experiences that bring us back into the incarnation, and shows where we will strive to expand in this life. Ketu is the energy of the soul in search for perfection and liberation from material life, therefore, indicating the area where we are most likely to contract and reject.

Mercury - relates to the intellect and our capacity for discernment. It also indicates our communication skills, writing, education, and ability to comprehend complex thought.