Excerpt from Class 3 Vedic Astrology Counseling Webinar: The Sun, Moon, the Planets and Rahu and Ketu represent rival impulses in our consciousness. The Triune model in Neuroscience describes these impulses as different layers of the brain.


What is Integrated Vedic Astrology Counseling?

  • Authentic Vedic Astrology teachings made accessible to 21st century spiritual seekers and Yogis.

  • Introduction to all the foundational principles of Vedic Astrology and Vedic philosophy, with emphasis on counseling rather than prediction.

  • Integrating Vedic Sister sciences: Ayurveda, Yoga, Mantra and chakras with Vedic Astrology.

  • Integrating Western models of knowledge that support Vedic psychology and philosophy, such as Jung and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

  • Weaving both western and eastern mythology and storytelling, as well today’s classic films to deepen our knowledge of life and astrological principles.

  • Looking for overlap of Vedic knowledge with present day scientific understanding of physical, mental and spiritual problems.

  • Utilizing the profound predictive system of Vedic Astrology to uncover the broad outline of our life’s story.

Why should Vedic Astrology be integrated into Yoga practice & trainings ?

Classical Yoga contains vast knowledge of human psychology and puts a great deal of emphasis on mental and spiritual health counseling. While Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and chakra healing offer the remedies, Vedic Astrology, is the primary diagnostic tool of Yoga psychology. Called Jyotish in Sanskrit, or the “eyes of Vedas, it serves as the guide to all the Vedic branches of knowledge because it reveals the hidden dimensions of our psyche, as well as the hidden planetary periods (dashas) of our life’s journey.

Fundamental Principles of Vedic Astrology Counseling:

  • Our psyche is much more than a product of the circumstances of our current life.

  • The Vedic horoscope illuminates our Samskaras, which are the accumulated experiences from present and past lives, ancestral memories and our cultural heritage, that are deeply rooted in our psyche.

  • Our Samskaras reveal our deeply imbedded paradigms of belief, including our psychological foundation, desires, fears, aspirations and mental and physical health tendencies, making it possible to predict the possible course of our life through astrological techniques.

  • Karma is the actions we perform as a result of our Samskara. The evolutionary growth cycle of birth, death, rebirth and resulting karma is the path the soul takes on its journey towards the realization of its cosmic roots (liberation).

  • As revealed by the horoscope, each person’s body/mind/consciousness or karmic ecosystem is unique, therefore, the counseling, mentoring and remedies they receive should also be adapted to their unique Karma.

  • Vedic Astrology planetary period dasha system can reveal the broad outline of how our life story is likely to unfold, the friends and foes we will meet along the way and the obstacles and advantages we are likely to encounter.

  • There is no better mentor and coach than self-knowledge of our unique and ingrained perspective, our unique myth or karma and the timeline of our life’s story, as revealed in our horoscope.

  • The primary task of a Vedic Astrology Counselor is to help the client develop skills and dedication for their unique life’s story.

  • Our True self (Atman) transcends Karma.  Like Yoga and meditation, the ultimate goal of Vedic Astrology Counseling is to still the mind and become a witness to our True Self. The result is increased joy, compassion and fulfillment in our daily life and a natural enfoldment of divine union – Yoga.



Saturn, is our soaring spirit subjugated by the limitations of life on Earth, or the hero held down by his kryptonite.


The desire to reach higher than others in your tribe, higher than the other trees in the forest is at the heart of all of god’s creation.

  • 25 hours of Video lectures with easy to follow power point presentations.

  • Step by step knowledge of how to read a chart, including a two hour lecture on a sample chart using the horoscope of Albert Einstein.

  • A 300 page work book with further reading, affirmations, exercises and homework to deepen your knowledge, self- awareness and self-reflection.

  • The Course is designed for self-study but private sessions or live web classes (for groups) to answer questions and check homework, can be included for extra cost.


  • Lesson 1: Structure of the Universe and the Mind

    • Shiva/Shakti, the Sun and Moon, as the eternal and perishable aspects of creation, and the existence of these symbiotic divergent principles in our mind.

    • Samskaras, deeply imbedded paradigms of belief driving our life’s story.

    • The cycle of birth and rebirth and the law of karma as the engine that guides the mind.

    • The principle of Dharma that can help modify karma at the body, mind and soul level.

    • The Hindu scripture Ramayana, Ram and Sita, as the epic story of the ultimate, Sun and Moon, Hero and Heroine.

  • Lesson 2:  The Five Elements and our Physical, Psychological/Spiritual Inclinations

    • The five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and how they distribute in our mind, body and soul and relate to the planets and the Zodiac.

    • The Four Yogic Goals of Yogic Life - Dharma (Meaning), Artha (Certainty), Kama (Pleasure) and Moksha (Love) as the drivers of our destiny and how they unfold in individual horoscopes.

    • How Vedic Astrology intersects with other Vedic Sciences, including Ayurveda, Yoga and Mantra.

  • Lesson 3: The Five Planets: The Mind as Composed of a Team of Rivals

    • Mercury, Mars, Venus Jupiter and Saturn as the forces that exist in nature, as well as the impulses in our mind that make up our personality and, as a result, our destiny,

    •  Weaving ancient and modern mythological characters, the planets reveal the hero’s super powers and his kryptonite, and translate to characters like the dragons, villains, friends and mentors the hero will encounter on his journey.

    • The body’s physiological processes, including neurotransmitters, gut biome, fight and flight response, and our brain’s established neural networks explain the functioning of the planetary forces in our lives.

  • Lesson 4: Rahu and Ketu: Divine Confusion

    • Rahu and Ketu, as forces that disrupt the natural order of life, to create chaos and change that propels the hero’s evolution. Functioning as the "shadow", or the repressed and hidden part of the psyche, their primary goal is to destroy the status quo, forcing the hero to accept something totally unfamiliar and foreign to his nature and understanding.

  • Lesson 5: Departure, Initiation and Return: The Twelve Houses and Zodiac Signs

    • The Zodiac as the circular framework of the hero’s journey. The twelve houses as the archetypical path of the hero’s journey,

    •  The stunning consistency and familiar stories of myths and stories in all cultures over thousands of years describing the successive steps of the Hero’s Journey from the “call to adventure” in the First House/Aries and the “return of the hero transformed and transcended” in the Twelfth House/Pisces.

  • Lesson 6-7: Vimshottari Dasha/Bhukti - Planetary Periods and Timeline

    • There is no schedule or timetable for the way our story should unfold. Each individual horoscope contains a general outline and the blueprints of the archetypal focus for this life, as well as the distinct rhythm and timing of sequence of events.
      Step by step interpretation of the events of Albert Einstein’s life.

  • Lesson 8-9: Writing the Broad Outline of Our Own Life Story

    • Interpreting the predictive timeline of our personal horoscope using Joseph Campbells Hero’s Journey template.

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