We are all a very unique combination of the varying degrees of each of the doshas in our mind and body. Most of us will be a mixture of all three - for example you can have kapha lips, but Vata eyes and a Pitta mind. But generally speaking one dosha will dominate our constitution and disease tendency, so follow that doshas recommendations. If  in doubt, follow the instructions for Vata to begin with as it effects the nervous system and mind in the most profound way and is usually the most likely one to go out of balance.Once Vata is brought under control Pitta and Kapha are more easily pacified.

Furthermore, It is often not possible to make a firm diagnosis of our doshic type in this day and age from dosha tests or questionnaires because of the number of unnatural things that we are exposed to on a daily basis that are altering our dosha type or allowing all the doshas to go out of balance. For example, most pharmaceutical drugs and even over the counter herbal medicines will generally increase Vata,  Xenobitics and environmental toxins will generally increase Pitta, and our sedentary lifestyle will increase Kapha, regardless of our natural doshic constitution. A deep pulse analysis by an expert Ayurvedic physician as well as medical astrology are two more effective ways to understand our constitutional doshic variations.

So instead of getting bogged down by your dosha type try to incorporate the awareness of the doshas and the elements into your daily routine and lifestyle in a more natural way. See the elements and doshas at play around you and how they influence the world and in your mind and work towards equilibrium on a daily basis. Ayurveda teaches us that "like increases like? - ie fire increases fire, air fuels it further and the opposite water element calms the fire.


Below are some general guidelines to help you see how the doshas are manifesting in your unique constitution.




Generally speaking Vata types have variable energy and appetites that go from very high to very low in a short amount of time. They are usually highly creative and intelligent and curious. 



Pitta types have medium height and weight, medium and reddish lips, reddish complexion, piercing eyes, thinning hair or balding (also red tint to their hair), early graying, excellent digestion



Kapha types have the largest frame of the three types, so they will be bigger, wider and heavier set. They will have large soft eyes, full lips, curly or wavy hair. Their temperament is usually laid back and loving,